The Raleigh Nighttimes

Mission Report 22/05/17


SUBJ: Mission Report 22/05/17

The SEA Félag was called in to investigate a possible security breech at a Black Court vault under contract with Monoc. Upon arrival, one MasterDonald Butterfield indicated that a single item, a jade lantern, had gone missing and that our Einherjar was no where to be found. Investigation of the vault interior led to the discovery of a smoothly hewn tunnel near the former location of the lantern. The Félag traveled down this tunnel, experiencing an extreme drop in tempurature along the way and discovered that the breech was also likely a portal to an unknown demense in the Nevernever. Upon entering this demense, a large well filled with an unknown fluid. Near the shore of this well, a complex runic mark of unknown design was inscribed in the cave wall (see attachment). This rune proved to be far too easy to activate, the result of which was the well suddenly freezing of the well. Before further investigation of this magical defense mechanism could be conducted, the félag was attacked by an aggressive winged creature (see attachment) and were pursued to a second well which had already had a similar rune activated thus it was frozen over.

A trail of slime suggested that the lantern had been taken into this well. Fortunately, the runic defense proved to be as easy to disrupt as it was to activate. With the well thawed, a cephalopodic entity could be seen in the well’s depths (see attachment). The entity seemingly responded to proto-Gaelic, suggesting it may have been of the Fomor. The avian pursuer left no time to ponder this and resumed its attack. Once its initial attacks were repelled, the avian rapidly switched focus and dove into the well, driving off both. With the creatures out of the well, the lantern could be seen at within the well.

Retrieving the from the depths proved to be a simple matter and the item was returned to the Black Court. Master Butterfield was satisfied with this resolution and open to increasing the scope of our contract to protect this vault.

Cthonic avian entity

Cephalopod entity in the well depths


Yithian narr

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