raleigh ideas

Sir Walter Raleigh also founded the colony on Roanoake Island

  • Croatoan

Capitol Building: apparently haunted af

  • escape tunnels
  • soldier ghost outside
  • manual elevator (portal to another time?!)
  • General Sherman was convinced to spare Raleigh

Village Subway (beneath Cameron Village)

  • labyrinth of shops, bars and clubs sealed away
    • the Bear’s Den, the Pier, the Frog and Nightgown
    • music scene
  • originally constructed as a bomb shelter during Cold War
  • sewer/drain monsters clumping in the pipes

Oakwood Cemetary

  • The Ratcliff Angel* is said to spin, to keep it’s eyes on ghosts or viewers
  • 95¢ and ribbon left as an offering (who?!)

Catholic orphanage was burnt down by the matron. the swings are said to be still standing, charred and broken. guarded by a hooded gatekeeper.

  • centennial campus

dorathea dix compound haunted by the original private owner, buried in the backyard

steam tunnels underneath NCSU. the lair of a cult? black court vampires?

The Vampire Beast of Bladenboro! apparently there are vampires who need to keep their renfields/infected/etc under control

  • People said they saw an animal “like a bear or a panther” that was “three feet long, twenty inches high, with a long tail and a cat’s face.”

raleigh ideas

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